Fact or Fiction

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Fact or Fiction

Fiction #1: Beth and Joey Sell a Lot of Property. Maybe They Are Too Busy for Us

Fact: Beth and Joey have a full-time team member who handles and expedites all listing, contract coordination, and marketing. Therefore, we are available to handle all client requests.

Fiction#2: Discount Brokers Are O.K. At Selling Homes

Fact: When you work with the Wexler Gault Group you are hiring a group that markets your property incredibly. We do beautiful brochures, virtual tours, email campaigns, ads, direct mail, signs, personal internet websites, weekly Craigslist, etc.

Some important questions to ask:

  • What will the discount broker offer?
  • Does the discount broker offer a complete marketing plan?
  • Does the discount broker have a staff and support system?
  • Does the discount broker have a proven track record of success or are they just trying to get in the business?
  • Does he/she have the experience to guide you through the property?
  • Will the broker be here tomorrow or does he or she want the quick sale which may not be in your best interests?

Fiction#3: Pick a REALTOR Who Says They Will Get You the Highest Price

Fact: The REALTOR will tell you what you want to hear just to get your listing. Your home will have been overpriced from the start and then will go through a series of price reductions, accumulating market time which may result in a lower sale price. We provide a comprehensive analysis of your home, comparable properties, and current market conditions to arrive at spot-on pricing.

Fiction#4: Vacant Homes Won’t Sell

Fact: More important than furniture is how your home will show. Is it clean? Is it in good repair? It isn’t ideal to move the furniture out when you are selling but there are ways to make it sparkle while being empty. We also have professional photographers who can virtually stage your home.

Fiction#5: the Condition of Your Property Is Not So Important

Fact: If you have a property in great condition it will sell much quicker than one that isn’t in mint condition.

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